Worthy Down: Work begins on military training college

Work has begun on demolishing redundant buildings at a Hampshire Army camp to make way for a new military college.

The £250m development at Worthy Down, near Winchester, will provide a training centre for 2,000 students and staff from the three armed services.

The buildings are being carefully dismantled to allow the materials to be reused or recycled.

The Defence College for Logistics Policing and Administration (DCLPA) is due to open in late 2018.

‘Disposed sites’

College commander Brigadier Allan McLeod said: “We are in the process of knocking down some really tired, ageing infrastructure.

“We are going to train every single logistician, policeman and clerical support for all three services here and this will be the centre for all logistic and HR training, so the student throughput is going to increase dramatically.

“It’s not just about the building, it’s about the optimisation of the training we are going to deliver and it allows us to reduce the overall defence training footprint.

“Some of those sites will be disposed of and there will be a receipt for the public purse.”

Terry Elphick, managing director at Skanska, which is carrying out the work, said: “When we do demolition we actually segregate so rather than knocking it down, we’ll separate the wood from electrics from the brick and virtually all of the building will go to be recycled and reused.

“What we try and do is keep as much on site as we can so a lot of the brickwork will actually go back into the buildings we construct, so it’s actually quite a fine art to do it.”

Worthy DownThe redevelopment will provide accommodation for up to 2,000 students and staff

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